October 23rd – 25th 2020

A Note from Dr. Jordan

Health means many things to many people. The ability to accomplish tasks, to be disease free, to be happy, motivated and energetic.

From a very young age, I knew that actions, positive or negative impacted your health. I watched some family members workout, eat well and experience vitality and simultaneously witnessed others struggle with addictions, depression and chronic illness.

I wanted to not only experience dynamic liveliness but share it with everyone I could! I hoped to be the catalyst and example that a few small, yet impactful choices can bring you the life you deserve – and allow you to share it with those you love.

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Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Jordan Leasure
Dr. Jordan Leasure is the Founding Physician of North Shore Pro-Active Health, a state of the art wellness clinic in downtown Libertyville, IL. She was born and raised in Libertyville, graduated from Lake Forest College majoring in Chemistry and Business and became a licensed Chiropractor in Illinois in 2006. Dr. Leasure received her Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner certificate in 2010, and is currently pursuing her Diplomate in Nutrition through the Institute of Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University. Being a former high school and collegiate athlete; her focus is functional medicine and sports injuries.

Dr. Leasure participates regularly in local organizations and is a past president in her local BNI, she is a member of the Chicago Leadership Alliance, a Past Vice-Chairman for the GLMV Chamber of Commerce, she sat on the Board of Directors for Mainstreet Libertyville and is currently the Northern District President for the Board of Directors for the Illinois Chiropractic Society.

She maintains her sanity by riding her Peloton & meditating just celebrated the third birthday of her son Parker with her husband William. Dr. Jordan Founded the Leasure Retreat as a way for women to come together and not only learn from each other but support each other in the unique health & life challenges that only women face.

Dr. Jade Dellinger
Our resident Prenatal and Pediatric Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Jade Dellinger brings her love of family to every patient she sees. Her education started at the University of Illinois and continued to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.

Dr. Jade Dellinger is a Nationally Board Certified Chiropractor, currently licenced in Illinois whose area of focus is prenatal and pediatric care. Dr. Jade is dedicated to family care emphasizing on non-invasive alternatives to improving the health of the littest patients and helping pregnant women experience the pregnancy, labor and delivery they desire. Dr. Jade is Webster Certified and became Certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics in 2018.

Dr. Jade founded Salutogenic Life with Dr. Jordan in 2016 to help provide clients a healthy and safe alternative for not only choosing supplements for their families but literally engaging in a Salutogenic Life.

Dr. Jade enjoys traveling with her husband and son, Jamison. She is a master meal prepper and still finds time to enjoy Latin rides on her Peloton.

Demi Moore
Most days you can find me outside enjoying nature, hanging with my hubby, and spoiling my fur babies.

I am mostly known for all my plant-based eating tips. People often refer to me as the plant-based foodie. I love serving the world by showing others how they can transform their health through food.

The things I’m most passionate about in life are my family, pets, friends, and educating others about food and their bodies.  I coach women who are struggling with learning what to eat and understanding how food serves their body.  I am lucky to teach and inspire them on how to take back their health into their own hands.

When I’m not busy working on helping my clients live healthier lives, you can catch me outside hanging out or hiking, snuggling with a fur baby, or coming up with new recipes!

Shelly Maziola
Shelly Malizola is the founder and CEO of The Beauty Cloud™. Born from Shelly’s desire to transform the beauty industry, The Beauty Cloud™ provides accessible esthetics to women across the globe looking for better skin, quality education, and trusted superior products.

From an early age, Shelly knew the power that skincare can have on a woman’s or young girl’s confidence. A middle-school bullying experience that she witnessed sent her into full make-over mode in an effort to defend, offer support, and help build some inner confidence in the targeted teen. From that point onward, Shelly knew her calling.

At the age of 25, she opened her first salon. She immersed herself in classes and education to completely re-engineer her salon. Along with the support from a dedicated staff and fantastic clients, she has grown that business into a thriving award-winning salon and boutique. Shelly is passionate about the beauty industry and believes success requires true professionalism, advanced artistic skill, continued education, and staff who know they are supported and valued. Along her journey as a salon and boutique owner, Shelly also learned just how much science has transformed skincare, and thus, how much skin can transform without surgery. With the proper guidance, education, treatments, and a skincare regimen, the changes in our skin can be dramatic. Through The Beauty Cloud™, Shelly makes this transformation easy and possible for women (and men) regardless of their accessibility to an esthetician.

Shelly is a member of the Chicago Cosmetology Association and the Professional Beauty Association. She has served as a business coach for salons and small business owners. Shelly Graduated from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program. This program was designed by Babson College, the nation’s top-ranked entrepreneurship school. Shelly also dedicates her time to her community by serving on the board of Libertyville Mainstreet organization and she co-chairs Libertyville’s Economic Vitality Business group.

Shelly is a member of the Chicago Cosmetology Association and the Professional Beauty Association. She is a business coach for salons and small business owners. Shelly Graduated from Goldman Saches 10,000 Small Business program. This program was designed by Babson College, the nation’s top-ranked entrepreneurship school. She serves on the advisory board for multiple cosmetology schools in the area. She also dedicates her time to her community by serving on the board of Libertyville Mainstreet organization and she co-chairs Libertyville’s Economic Vitality group. Away from Allure, Shelly enjoys fitness, gardening, decorating, reading, and traveling.

Julie Wynn: Originally from the northern Chicago suburbs, Julie spent 30 years in California, where health and wellness are a staple of everyday life. Her personal interest in skincare drove her to become a licensed esthetician at the age of 50, allowing her to pursue her passion for helping others look and feel their very best.

Julie Wynn
Julie joined Allure Designs in Beauty in 2016 and earned the rank of Master Esthetician in 2019 as a result of her hard work and dedication to Esthetics. Her unique ability to connect with her clients allows her to develop personalized treatment plans, complete with comprehensive skincare goals, and effective at-home regimens.

Through The Beauty Cloud™, Julie will share her knowledge with clients across the globe, helping people everywhere achieve and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, so they can take on the world with their best face forward.

Kymberlee Kaye Raya
Kymberlee Raya has a 30+ year dance and fitness background. She is a sought after fitness presenter and has most recently been a presenter at the MindBody National Conferences, IDEA World, Fit Expo and Club Industry. She will be presenting at the SCW FIT conferences in 2020.

Her energy is contagious and her style is like no other. She brings comedy to her choreography and leaves her audiences falling in love with her classes. Her dance format, Supa Dupa Fly combines Hip Hop with humor and is a huge hit at every conference. Humor heals the soul and Kymberlee engages and leaves her audiences smiling ear to ear!

Her background is extensive, she was a former Reebok Performance Team member, dance team choreographer and National Cheerleaders Association staff member and judge. From her trying out and making the NBA Chicago Bulls LuvABulls to her competitive dance background – she brings her love of dance and fitness expertise to every class she teaches!

Robin Bergstrom
My name is Robin Bergstrom and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a licensed RESTART instructor and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have been married 33 years and I have three awesome kids and 3 amazing grandchildren. My journey started a few years back when I turned 50 and had pain all the time, not to mention all the menopausal symptoms that come with being 50. My hip or knee or back was getting to the point that I thought it was going to be my new normal. I started working with Dr. Jordan and she took me on a journey of healing through food changes and supplementation.

The Standard American Diet has taken away the health and vitality of so many of us. Foods were meant to nourish and heal, not riddle us with chronic disease. Your journey with Nutritional Therapy will show you, first and foremost, what properly prepared, nutrient dense foods can do for you.
Everyone is a bio-individual and there is no “one size fits all” approach. While I respect that a whole food, nutrient dense diet is the foundation with which we shall build, we will also focus on the benefits of self care. This is where the idea of Wholisitic Nutrition comes in. We are focusing on the WHOLE you. Self care includes stress management, adequate sleep and exercise, and also nurturing healthy relationships. Our fast paced lives seem to leave little time for us to truly nurture ourselves.

My mission is to educate and empower others to make informed decisions to better their life. People are getting sicker than ever with the number of chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions on the rise. The choice is ours and we have the power to change our lives for the better.

Annette Licitra
I’m Annette Licitra, and my passion is to provide encouragement, support, and nourishing recipes to people as they invest in their health so that their bodies will shine for them. I believe in being the example, and truly living the best lifestyle that I can to keep me moving in line with optimal health.

My passions are plenty, but one matter that I’m most passionate about is the nourishment that goes on my plate because that’s what helps strengthen the body or causes it to break down – and, I’ve had to learn that the hard way. Because there are so many toxins that can cause the body to break down on a daily basis, I’ve made a commitment to myself to try my hardest to combat these invaders with prayer as my armor and a plate as my shield! With that, I bring you my story…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been challenged with digestive issues, which I had always chalked up to a ‘nervous stomach’. However, I knew in my gut (yes, pun intended!) that something was amiss, but couldn’t figure out what to associate it with other than nerves. Fast forward to 2002, when I learned through conventional allopathic medicine that I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which is characterized as a chronic digestive disorder.

As I moved into early adulthood, my list of symptoms grew to include recurrent urinary tract infections, premenstrual symptoms (PMS), rosacea, melasma, cystic acne, interstitial cystitis (IC), fatigue, brain fog, pelvic pain, weight gain, bloating and thinning hair. Unfortunately, I believed that I would have to live with all of these for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I didn’t fall into a depression, but I sure can see how some people might; it’s frustrating to be battling these day after day, week after week, year after year…you get the picture!

An innate sense grew over me, and I felt I knew my body better than what was trying to take over, so I began doing serious research on natural healing in 2014. I learned that all of these symptoms are related to one another, and are a result of nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut, and severe intolerance to wheat and gluten. After getting extensive blood work done through a Functional Medicine doctor, and working with other holistic health & wellness authorities, I have been fortunate to learn so much more about treating the body as a whole.

Cutting out gluten, dairy, eggs, and refined sugar, minimizing soy, corn and animal protein consumption, eating whole, real foods, and making a life-long commitment to a healthier lifestyle was the best thing that I have done. I have experienced improved health, and no longer feel controlled by chronic digestive issues. I’ve lost 12 lbs, my fatigue and brain fog have diminished, my skin has cleared up, and other ailments have begun healing.

Experiencing the positive changes with my own health led me to make a career shift from corporate finance to health coaching, and in my practice, I support and encourage others in health behavior change. I believe that health & food go hand-in-hand, so after transitioning out of corporate, I received my degree from Culinary school and decided to couple that with my integrative health coaching certifications.

Sara Samuels
Sara Samuels, J.D., CLU, RICP, is a former practicing attorney and Wealth Management Advisor with NM-Chicago since July 2008, working with clients all over the country and the world. Sara specializes in working with “emerging affluent” clientele as well as closely-held business owners in implementing proactive and tax-intelligent solutions integrated directly with their goals and priorities. Sara’s mission is to financially inspire her clients, so they reduce economic vulnerability and build enough wealth to live their very best lives, now and in the future.

Kailey Whipple

Kailey is a single mom on a mission to help parents manage life’s stressors better so they can feel more confident as parents and build generational resilience.

At 7 1/2 years old, Kailey developed Chronic Urticaria (chronic hives) that lasted for three years without any relief. As a 5th grader, she was prescribed over 20 pills (per day) and told there was no cure- she would live with this disease her entire life. 

Growing up with chronic illness is one of the most traumatic events one can experience in childhood, near experiences such as divorce and moving to a new home. It took almost two decades for Kailey to find relief from the stress and trauma of her childhood illness through alternative therapies, including healthy diet, mindful exercise, and meditation.

Once she discovered meditation as a tool to relieving stress, conquering self-doubt and developing confidence- there was no turning back. Now, as a certified meditation teacher, Kailey leads students through various programs that help them come out of the constant state of stress, worry, and fear, and into a state of calm where their bodies can get back to functioning optimally again. 

Kailey believes that all things are connected and that a healthy, regular meditation practice helps us step back from whatever is happening and observe it with a clear mind, allowing us to make choices in our daily actions that support our highest good, healthiest bodies, and happiest lives. 

Kailey is the founder of The Resilient Initiative, part of WellResources, LLC, and an organization that provides parents with emotional tools and space to practice building resilience and managing stress through mindfulness, meditation, and other soft social-emotional skills.

Elyse Wagner
Elyse’s mission is to help you create sustainable health and happiness by empowering you with the education, skills, and tools to transform your lifestyle and your relationship with your food, attitude, and body.

She’s the creator of My Kitchen Shrink, a virtual nutrition and lifestyle coaching practice offering individualized guidance, group programs, and F.A.B. (food, attitude, and body) blogs. She is the co-founder of The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, an online school training individuals to become Functional Medicine Certified health coaches. Elyse is the author of Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide to Enhance Your Health and co-author of Functional Medicine Coaching: How to Be Part of the Movement That’s Transforming Healthcare and the Feel F.A.B. Planner: Plan For Your Health & Happiness. She has been featured in numerous publications including SHAPE and Simply Gluten Free, among others. Elyse is a Certified Nutritionist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in Washington State. Elyse received her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She earned her dual Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and Clinical Psychology from the internationally renowned holistic medical school, Bastyr University and continues her education through training provided by The Institute for Functional Medicine.